The Faith-Driven Entrepreneur

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Becoming a business owner while upholding the Christian faith can be a difficult balance to maintain. After all, so much of what we’re told in business ultimately hinges on competition and branding, often associated with specific values, morals, and beliefs. Christian Business Incubator reviews below how the faith-driven entrepreneur can stand out from the crowd.

According to Genesis 2:15, work is a gift from God to mankind. In addition, the New Testament passage, Ephesians 4:28, details the benefits of being a laborer rather than a thief in order to give to those in need. Altogether, the faith-driven entrepreneur is motivated by a difference in incentive and the benefits that come with integrity.

In this article, what makes a successful Christian entrepreneur and the factors that they can utilize to stand out are discussed.

What is the Christian Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur can be described as someone who is motivated enough to create a business of their own and turn a profit by selling enough services or products. Typically, the term is associated with a person who works as hard as necessary to make their business successful, including sacrificing comforts and focusing on taking initiative rather than wasting an idea.

Christians, otherwise known as followers of Biblical Jesus Christ, are those who base their life choices off of the Bible’s guidance as the standard of truth coming from the Holy Word of God.

Therefore, a Christian entrepreneur is someone who not only follows the Christian faith, but is meeting all of the necessary requirements to start a successful business. After all, working hard, sacrificing, and fulfilling one’s commitments are all encouraged traits in the Bible.

However, does this mean that Christian entrepreneurs are simply the same as others who start a business of their own that have no faith in Jesus? Not quite, there are many things that make a faith-driven entrepreneur stand out.

Christian Business Incubator reviews

Traits of the Faithful Business Owner

Below, you’ll find a list of traits of many Christian entrepreneurs that are driven by their faithfulness in God.

  1. Above and Beyond Workers – To go above and beyond is to exceed the call of duty; to work even harder than necessary in order to do something right. This is something that the Bible specifically commands in Proverbs 14:23, when idleness and talk is condemned, while working hard is encouraged as profitable.
  2. Confidence in Christ – For the modern entrepreneur, the bottom line in profit and success can very easily become all-consuming. Sometimes, entrepreneurs can fail simply by over-analyzing and even cutting corners to achieve a goal, simply because they fear failure. However, the Christian finds confidence in Christ, and trusts Him for success.
  3. God Blesses Correct Motivation – Christians believe that God blesses those who work hard with integrity, for the glory of the God they serve. This leads to the entrepreneur establishing an integrity-based code of conduct in their business, which in turn establishes a trusting and successful relationship with clients.

In Conclusion

The faith-driven entrepreneur is characterized by a trust in God and His providence, and a willingness to work hard without fear or stress due to that trust. Additionally, God says in the Bible that He will bless those who work hard with pure motivation, making those who follow his word truly successful in their endeavors.

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Christian Business Incubator Reviews